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About this wiki:

A large group of contributors in previous classes at the Indiana University School of Medicine created a document called the clinical pearls packet - this document was the genesis and seed content for this wiki. Please read the introduction below, and be sure to thank your contributors.


This wikipedia was compiled by the students of the class directly above you, in a document originally called 3rd year PEARLS. Please thank you class officers for compiling this information over the years. This is not a substitute for the curriculum you will have on each class or clerkship, nor does it do justice to the vast amount of knowledge you will gather simply from your day-to-day clinical duties in the next year. You should view this wiki as a first stepping stone in success as each section contains advice on how to succeed with pertinent knowledge and tid-bits specific for that rotation or class, and a compilation of resources for further studies.

Each section is the handiwork of fellow medical students (usually someone gunning for that particular specialty and wishing to impart their know-how with you), and the content is edited by you the student, to avoid any glaring errors. So, take heed that while not every part of the wiki will apply, there is a plenty for each of you in here, and we hope that will ease your transition into the next step of your medical career.

Good luck from your contributing students!