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Indianapolis Clerkship Sites


Eskenazi: Formerly Wishard. The county hospital that is part of the teaching system. Often there are a lot of social issues, but the pathology is also good. You can often get a lot of hands on experience.

University: Often extreme, unusual pathology. Probably not what many people will see out in practice. Can be good if you like the complex pathology or if you want to experience some unusual things you may never see again.

Methodist: Great hospital, half private half academic. Very good departments for Neuro/neurosurgery and Cardiac.

VA: Mostly older men, but good for hands on work and hours.

St. Vincent: Located in north Indy at 86th St. and is about a 30 minute commute with traffic. You get vouchers for the cafeteria to get lunch. Students who have been there really like it because you get to do a lot. They do still have paper charts though.

In general, don't stress too much about rotation locations! It is what you make of it, and any location can be great!


1-Methodist, 2-VA, 3-St. Vincent, 4-Eskenazi, 5-University

(If the same as before) If assigned to Indy, you can either pick University or not-University as your choices. If not University, you won’t get to choose which one. Don’t worry if the residents and attending don’t teach a lot, surgery isn’t known for its hospitality


A Team – pancreatic & hepatobiliary; B team – GI & Cancer; C Team – pancreatic & GI; D Team – Breast & Endocrine. D is the only okay one, the others have long hours

Hours are long! 4:15-4:30am until about 6,7,8 at night. Really cool surgeries you get to see (not just the everyday cholecystectomies and appendectomies) 

Recommended if you want to pursue a career in surgery, or just for the experience


Team I  -- general, abdominal; Team II – Breast and other. TEAM 2 is a good mix of stuff, good residents, good hours. Probably similar to VA

VA – General:

Dr. Mathews the attending is awesome and hours seem very nice You also get a lot of hands on work.


free food, good residents

St. Vincent:

They just started a residency program there, so this was the first year students worked with residents

Hours were extremely easy for surgery clerkship.


5.3 weeks 1-St-Vincent, 2-Methodist, 3-University, Eskenazi. Choose between Methodist (2.5 wks inpt, 2.5 wks outpt), Eskenazi, St. Vincent, University


Do a lot, lots of hours; work 1 week of nights. I was here for OB, and felt that everything that we were tested on I saw clinically, so I felt it was good to study for the test. Everyone is on general OB here. Lots of social issues, but hands on is great. They say if you want to do OB, you should do your rotation here.


More high risk patients, intense; less opportunity to deliver babies which may prove to be a problem because you need at least 3 babies signed off. Can either be general OB/Gyn or Gyn Onc. Again, they sometimes have difficulties meeting birthing requirements, but some students go spend one night at Eskenazi and can meet those requirements


Part in hospital, part outpatient with a doctor—no call and better hours during this time, lots of hours in hospital ? sounds good. All general OB/Gyn, there are some midwives there, so at times the requirements for deliveries is hard to meet (They will work with you to help you get requirements)

St. Vincent:

Best: free food, 30 minute drive from downtown, have your own lectures, they give you review books. You'll rotate through L&D (days and night float), Clinic and Gyn/Onc. Some rotations require more hours/day than others (e.g., after a night float shift, you have to stay for lecture), but you'll get a lot of experience. They give you vouchers for the cafeteria for lunch each day and have snacks in the lounge. The residents are great to work with as well.

Surgery Subspecialty/Anesthesia – 5.3 weeks

The rotation is divided into 3 roughly equal sections, which include Anesthesia and 2 subspecialties. You get to rank 3 subspecialties, but do not choose location. Most people get the subspecialties they want. Options listed below. In general, locations include Eskenazi, University, VA, Methodist, Riley (not all available for each subspecialty though) Most subspecialties do not have an exam


Riley or University. Have heard great things about both rotations. very interesting to watch


Riley, University, VA. Recently switched directors for the clerkship, so some of the rotations where the best, but it is improved now. Heard great things


Has more clinic to it than people expected for a subspecialty. I believe it is only at Eskenazi. Good hours. has a quiz!!


Eskenazi Trauma, Methodist Adult (Hip/Knee), Riley, VA. Ortho is Ortho Methodist Adult – 100% hip and knee replacements (total and revisions) + clinic Eskenazi – trauma/fractures + clinic. Riley – trauma. All the faculty and residents are nice and interested in teaching

They ask you to take 1-2 call shifts, either weeknight (5-11pm) or weekend (8am-2)

Peds (general surgery)

New in 2014-2015. At Riley. Very long hours, plus the clerkship director works here so you’ll have to work really hard. Hours may be just as rough as University GenSurg (like 3:30am-5 or 6pm)

Often, people complain that peds surg is very rough, but I know students who enjoyed it


Eskenazi, University, Riley. Haven’t heard of a person who didn’t like plastics. Lots of hands on experience. Depending on where you work you can do and see a lot

Includes breast reconstruction, face and hand surgery. Residents vary in teaching interest, but nice ones will let you practice suturing. No weekends or call


Ridiculous hours, but can travel in a plane!!


lots of rounding, but a lot of cool stuff happens to people.


Eskenazi, VA (Riley by request only)

Heard great things. Do a combination of Riley and Adult urology.

intense, long hours 


Eskenazi, VA, Methodist

I did vascular at Methodist. Hours were pretty long, but I was able to do so much in terms of hands on practice- I loved it

Family Medicine

4 weeks in Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, Terre Haute, Muncie, Other: Underserved – set up individually, email Dr. Renshaw, possible to do in Lafayette through Dr. Renshaw

Rank locations outside of Indy as well as Indy

**** Important note: One year, the Lafayette campus did not fill, so students were sent there for other rotations. In order to determine who they sent away for other rotations, they took all the students assigned to Indianapolis for family medicine and picked them randomly to send them away for other rotations. This wasn’t known to us beforehand, but may be something you want to think about before choosing family medicine locations. Also, if all the satellite campuses fill, this probably wouldn’t even be a problem for you guys. Good in Muncie 

Have to do a community project – not a big deal

Exam sot greatucks. written by the department, they recommend doing the online cases

Great transitional year during residency

Pediatrics – 8 weeks

Everyone will spend 1 month inpatient at Riley (or Eskenazi NICU) and 1 month outpatient (can do wherever including Muncie).

Inpatient team options

Cardio - Great rotation

Development - easy

Endocrine - Usually they don’t have many patients. May be a slow service

GI - Great staff, lots of learning!

Heme/Onc - Popular, easy, very busy depending on month

ID - very busy depending on month

Pulm - very busy depending on month


Eskenazi NICU - easy, good experience

Vacation/Elective – 4 weeks

If you choose to take vacation, enjoy it!

If you choose to take an elective, your vacation can be saved up until 4th year (3 months of vacation instead of 2) and used for interviewing, ending school early, etc. 

For choosing electives, do not do this until you get closer to your elective time. They are lots of spots, and most students sign up for electives 1–3 months before their elective. 

I actually switched my electives, and they are very easy to work with. 

You can ask students who may be interested in you specific field you are interested in what electives may be good as time gets closer.

Do path

If your vacation/elective is last, you are considered a 4th year and can do your Sub-I during this time, and that may be beneficial. That is only if your sub-I is last though. 

Internal Medicine

8 weeks. Recommend:  Do one month at VA/EZ + one month outpatient

Two months inpatient:

Eskenazi/VA (both general) + VA/St Vincent/University (VA and St Vincent general; University subspecialty wards – Liver, Oncology, Hematology, Pulmonary)

If you want to do medicine, 2 inpatient is highly recommended since you’ll be more comfortable with the way things work by the end of the 1st month.  Plus it’s a great opportunity to ask for recommendation letters. Problem is you’ll work longer hours and have very few days off for 2 months. If you do two months inpatient, you can choose to do a specialty month at University.

One month inpatient + one month outpatient (campus-based,  ambulatory care):  Eskenazi

You’ll get exposed to the subspecialties and you’ll have shorter hours and weekend off. Problem is each day on outpatient you’ll get sent to different clinics so you’re all over the place.

You cannot do the specialty month if you do 1 month inpatient. One month inpatient + one month combined inpatient/outpatient in a community outside Indy – Kokomo, Bloomington, Lafayette, Evansville, Ft Wayne, South Bend, Muncie, Northwest Indiana


If you do ambulatory for one month, you WILL be at Eskenazi. Good: Lots of pathology, see the main inpatient medicine things. Call extends until 9pm at night 

saducks: extremely busy, but you still learn a lot


General inpatient month. Call is way more often Q4 vs Q5. Again, see lots of pathology and the main inpatient medicine things. really good for medicine*** 


Specialty months. Can rank Hematology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Hepatology

Heme: I did this rotation and really enjoyed it. Good fellows and staff. Very interesting

Onc: Intense oncology, as these are the sickest patients hospitalized. 

Pulm: Don’t know too much about this

Hepatology: Busy service, lots of complex liver issues. 

St. Vincent:

A second inpatient month, heard good things about this location. Some people really enjoy it!


See a variety of clinics, in 3-4 specialties. I believe you rank the specialty clinics you’d like to go to and they try to give you what you ask. May be a good idea to see more than medicine wards if a medical specialty is what you are thinking. 

May work less than another inpatient month, but I have heard of students who worked more on ambulatory with certain clinics- so it just depends.


4 weeks.

  • Pediatric—Riley, 1 mo
  • Pediatric  Riley, 2wks & Adult 2 wks
  • Adult – 2wks inpt, 2 wks outpt
  • Neurosurgery – 1mo 
  • Adult Inpatient – 1 mo—Eskenazi, University, Methodist, VA

Becky is the clinical coordinator, and may be the nicest and most helpful of all the rotations. She will easily work with you if you change your mind, and for students who have neuro after Christmas, she will email you to actually re-rank in case you changed you mind. 


Methodist: Probably the best location for both inpatient and outpatient. Great instructors, top neurology place. Lots of stroke!

VA: Lots of strokes, but still very interesting. Good experience at the VA

Eskenazi: Adult inpatient at Eskenazi recommended

University: light service with really sick patients, attending is very nice and a good teacher.

Riley: Peds neuro. Don’t know much else about it.

IU West: They only send like 2 students a year up there. If you live close and aren't going to do neuro, rock it.

Neurosurgery: Choices are VA, Methodist, Eskenazi, Riley. I did Methodist, and it was amazing. I would recommend it. If you aren't doing neurosurg you see 1-2 cases and go home.


4 weeks

  • Midtown clinic
  • LaRue Carter
  • Eskenazi
  • VA

Can choose adult, adolescent, pediatrics. Preference depending on what you like. One of the easiest exams.

Locations are as follows:

Eskenazi: more real pysch stuff. Another great location for psych. Patients often come in actively psychotic and you see the treatment affect them and a quick response. Lots of learning


VA: Work a lot. Basically a sub-intern. Understaffed, extremely high turnover. lots of substance abuse, homeless; lots of notes/practice. Probably not as good as Eskenazi or LaRue

Riley: Children

LaRue Carter: very sick psych population, interesting, shorter hours, not a lot of notes

Adolescent, Adult, OR Child

Psychiatric hospital like 10 minutes away from campus. Inpatients who are all very psychotic and very sick. Most students really enjoy this rotation

Midtown Crisis Unit @ Eskenazi

pretty laid back, make house visits ? no notes or H/Ps.  Easy days

An outpatient clinic, probably see less acute patients as they are seen as outpatients

Hancock Regional Hospital:

Step 2: CK & CS


Step 2: Clinical Knowledge $650

Clinical Skills $1250

Clinical skills testing site: Prometric testing center


Chicago locations is very hard to get so book early – forum is good advice for boards and resources, also good for residency