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Welcome to the IN Med Wiki. This website is a little different than most others - you can both read it and change it! Below you'll find some guidelines for editing our Wiki, but above all - Be bold! All changes are reversible, so even if you make a mistake it will be easy for you or another user to jump in and fix it. If you find yourself needing help or aren't sure how to do something, shoot an email to the IN Med Wiki administration team and we will be happy to help you out!

If you learn best by experimenting, you're in luck - there is a "Sandbox" page where you can play around with the Wiki's editing tools and make whatever edits you like. You may wish to open the Sandbox in a new window or tab while you read this page.

To edit any page, simply click on the "Edit" or "Edit Source" buttons in the upper right-hand corner of a page. The "Edit" button will bring up the Visual Editor, which is a more user-friendly way of editing the Wiki. The "Edit Source" button allows you to edit the "Wiki source code" behind a page. Directly editing a page's source is more powerful than using the Visual Editor, but it can also be more complicated; it uses a special Wiki formatting language. See the Nuts & Bolts section below for instructions on how to enable a more advanced Visual Editor.

That is the bare minimum you need to know to get started! We have included some additional information about editing below that may also be useful.


Please report abuse! Click here if you find vandalism
or inappropriate content!

Your message will be sent to each member
of the Wiki Administration.

Only you are responsible for the content you put on the Wiki; please use your common sense! In short - avoid offensive or libelous comments and we will be very grateful to you for not getting anyone in trouble.

Nuts & Bolts

When you first create an account, please make sure the following options are enabled in your Preferences:

  • Show edit toolbar
  • Enable enhanced editing toolbar
  • Enable wizards for inserting links, tables as well as the search and replace function

Once you have enabled these options editing will become simpler for new users. MediaWiki has an extensive "code" that makes links, tables, etc. It is not necessary for you to learn the code, but if you are interested in it, click "edit source" on the page.

You may edit any words, on any page, that you are not restricted from doing so. If you see a sentence that does not make sense, or needs to be removed, go for it! All changes are tracked, backed up, and logged so you or anyone else can undo any mistake.

Style Guide

This wiki has advanced what-you-see-is-what-you get editing capabilities similar to using Microsoft Word. It should be as simple as making a Word document! If it seems especially difficult, please read Nuts & Bolts and set your preferences properly.

Most people will only need to know how to make bullet lists, numbered lists, pages, and sections. It is simple to learn how - just try it out on our Sandbox page!

The best guide to style is looking at a few other pages. Use the Example page and try and match that formatting. Just having your edits "make sense" is enough! Writing is an art, and requires your discretion! Be confident - we all can do a great job! Improving the Wiki is an iterative process; even if your formatting is not perfect, another user will come along and improve it. What's important is that you contributed content that another student will find useful!


If you create a page that belongs within a group of pages, add it to a Category. You can do this in the Visual Editor by clicking on the three bars in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on "Categories" or by adding [[Category:NameOfCategory]] at the very bottom of the source of your page. For example, IUSM-Muncie belongs to the group of pages about IUSM's campuses, so it contains [[Category:IUSM Campuses]] at the bottom of the page. This adds it to the IUSM Campuses category.

Creation of Pages

If you feel a new section or page for yourself/SIG/group is warranted, you may create it! We encourage open participation and the administration will only delete or remove content that does not abide by the Golden Rule: do as to others as you would have done unto yourself.

  • The only limit to open participation are pages that are actively being watched or restricted such as the main page. We prefer that the vast majority of pages are unrestricted, it is the goal of the administration of this Wiki to keep it that way.
  • It is recommended you be as SPECIFIC as possible in creating pages. For example, if you are writing a section called "high yield facts" that relates to psychiatry, do not simply name it "high yield facts". That statement is too broad, and could cause problems down the road when someone would like to add facts for another specialty. Try "high yield facts in psychiatry" or another method to avoid a collision. Note that pages can easily be renamed or moved later if the need arises.


Disputes should be handled in the discussion section of the page in question (click on the "Discussion" link at the top of the page), not on the page itself. Should a dispute be difficult to resolve between two parties you may elevate the dispute to the level of a project editor or board member.

Project Editors are the default adjudicators of disputes among editors. Page editors must declare themselves in the List of Editors and the Talk section of the page they are editing.