High Yield Facts Psychiatry

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Symptoms of Depression (9)

Think of a prescription written for a patient with depression “Sig: E Caps” (E for energy!) Remember – for the diagnosis there must be five out of the nine following symptoms, and one of the two specific signs: depressed mood and/or anhedonia. These symptoms must be present for two weeks for diagnosis of major depression.

  • S sleep disturbance
  • I interest – decrease or loss of (anhedonia)
  • G guilt, low self esteem
  • E energy – decrease or loss of (also loss of libido)
  • C concentration – decrease or loss of
  • A appetite disturbances
  • P psychomotor agitation or retardation
  • S suicidal ideation

Suicide Risk Factors

Mnemonic: “Sad Persons” S sex (male) A age (elderly or adolescent) D depression P prior attempt E ethanol abuse R rational thinking loss (psychosis) S social support lacking O organized plan N no spouse S sickness

Causes of delirium:

  • A – Alcohol/drug toxicity or withdrawal
  • E – electrolyte abnormality
  • I – iatrogenic (anticholinergics, benzos, narcotics, steroids, etc.)
  • O – oxygen ie. hypoxia
  • U – uremia/hepatic encephalopathy, urinary retention
  • T - trauma
  • I - infection
  • P - poisons
  • S – seizures (pt is postictal), stroke