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The greatest strength of the IN Med Wiki is the level of freedom it provides to its users: Any student may create and modify the content it hosts without waiting for approval. However, this strength also creates a potential for abuse. There are several tools at the Wiki Administrators' disposal to combat vandalism.

User Registration

Although anyone may read the IN Med Wiki, only students are allowed to create user accounts and edit the Wiki. When a user requests an account, a Wiki Administrator confirms that the individual is actually a student (usually by checking the supplied email address) before approving the account's creation. Only then may the user begin to edit pages. This policy minimizes abuse by restricting editing capabilities to the most qualified set of users.

Page Protection

Administrators may block specific pages from being edited. This can be done either permanently or for a certain period of time. Generally, permanent page protection is applied when vandalism to a certain page would be particularly damaging (e.g., to the Main Page, which is the first page any IN Med Wiki user will see). Temporary page protection can be useful when "Edit Wars" take place over controversial articles, and a "cooling-off" period is needed.

Recent Change Patrol

Wiki Administrators monitor an enhanced version of the Recent Changes page. This version of the page shows a ! (red exclamation point) next to all recent edits that have not been checked by an Administrator (i.e., have not been "patrolled"). Upon seeing such an entry, an Administrator will click on the "diff" link to see what was changed by this user's edit, and then will click on the "Mark this page as patrolled" link once he has ruled out abuse. Once a page has been marked as "patrolled", it will no longer have a ! mark next to it in the Recent Changes page, preventing duplication of work by the Administrators. Note that non-Administrator users will not see the "unpatrolled" ! marks.

See the Official MediaWiki documentation on patrolled edits for more information.