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Jordan Hall.jpg
DeanJohn B. Watkins III, Ph.D.
Address1001 E 3rd St., Jordan Hall 104
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone(812) 855-9066
Host CampusIndiana University Bloomington
Class Size36 students
BuildingJordan Hall

IUSM-Bloomington is one of the nine campuses that constitute the Indiana University School of Medicine. It is located on the campus of Indiana University.


IUSM-Bloomington shares many amenities with Indiana University, and is in close proximity to the Bloomington Hospital.

Students have access to:

  • Graduate school privileges within Indiana University at Bloomington.
  • Private study areas within Jordan Hall (24/7 access).
  • The Bloomington Hopsital medical library (24/7 access).
  • Unlimited access to IU athletic facilities.


IUSM-Bloomington utilizes a semester scheduling system for both MS1 and MS2 students. Class attendance is not required, although some professors administer daily quizzes. Lectures are recorded.

Learning style

Primarily traditional lectures, with a few team based learning exercises and 'flipped' classes throughout the semesters. Professors hold regular office hours and are very accessible.

Test blocks are scheduled every 5th week. Exams are multiple choice, with some essays and short answer segments during Biochemistry and Anatomy. NBME shelf exam are administered for each class at the end of the semester.

MS1 Classes


  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine I
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry

Fall semester

  • Histology
  • Microbiology/Immunology

Spring semester

  • Medical Neuroscience

MS2 Classes


  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine II
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology

Fall semester

  • Genetics

Spring semester

  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Biostatistics

Survival Guide

Below is a comprehensive list of places to eat, shop, exercise, study, etc. collected by the Bloomington Wellness Subcommittee. We hope this will serve as a living reference for current and future Bloomington students.


Bloomington has KILLER food. Go ahead, try something new...

Upland Brewery/ Restaurant

Gastropub atmosphere with great food and the localest (my new word) of local beer. Spinach artichoke dip appetizer is a must. Try the dragonfly IPA if you're into bitter beer. A nice place to take the parents. Phenomenal Burgers. It’s busy almost every night of the week, so expect a full parking lot and a wait time for a table, especially if you go in a large group (unfortunately, no reservations). 350 W 11th St Bloomington, IN

“Pretty patio lights in warm weather. Probably the best food and atmosphere in Bloomington. And the chimmichurri sauce omg” - Townie

The Tap

Located right in the heart of downtown, The Tap is a great place to grab a fancy craft beer and catch a game. They offer 50 hand selected craft beers and over 400 bottled beers, serve amazing food (go for the firecracker shrimp appetizer), and provide flat screens and live music for entertainment.

The Farm

Hipster. Weird. Local. Organic-ish. AMAZING food. The eclectic and trendy decor pairs perfectly with local and inspired food. They have big flavorful meat dishes and hearty pizzas too, you fearful manly man. Everyone loves this place. Order the “Farm Fries” for sure. Lunch prices are more affordable than dinner, for you budget-conscious folks. The Root Cellar lounge is downstairs.

Nick's English Hut

Ah, an Indiana classic. Hit up Nicks for a competitive round of Sink the Biz (world’s most simple but most fun drinking game), a cozy Hoosier feel, and amazing pizzas and strombolis. Plus--our microbiology professor’s grandfather started this awesome IU joint.

My Thai

One of the best “international 4th street” restaurants. I lament every day that I do not eat their chicken pad thai.


Another great “4th street” place. They serve amazing Turkish/Mediterranean style food, and their hummus is TDF (to die for).

Bloomington Bagel

Let's just say the Hangover Bagel is a often a necessary savior. This place gets crowded, so bring some Anatomy flash cards while you wait (just kidding… kind of).

Gyro Food Truck

I swear by the Gyro food truck, usually parked right outside Dunnkirk. You can’t go wrong with it--the Tzatziki sauce is bomb. A late night meal post drinking and post studying taste equally amazing, which I think is saying something.

Motherbear's Pizza

Best pizza in Bloomington, and they deliver late. Plus they put goldfish on their salads!!!!

From another student: Above is a false statement. Motherbear’s is great, and a Bloomington tradition that deserves your attention, but the best pizza in Bloomington is...


The best pizza in Bloomington. Their specialty pizzas are unique and tasty. You will certainly get a lot of Aver’s through the med school (we have it all the time during lunch speakers), but it still remains the best pizza in town!

Litte Zagreb's

A famous steak joint. People drive over an hour to eat here, mostly for the steaks, but also because of Little Zagreb’s uniqueness. This isn’t the normal shmancy steak place--it’s decorated with red and white checkered table cloths and wooden chairs, and you don’t need to dress up. The steaks (and famous spicy meatballs!) are expensive, but come here when family visits, for a date, or for a “treat-yoself” post block meal.


Trendy, tiny, awesome date night spot or place to take the parents. The menu is always changing, the desserts are awesome, and the coffee is phenomenal. And they’re known for their tamales which you can also try at their food cart at the Saturday farmer’s market.

Village Deli (AKA Little Village Deli House)

We almost lost them to a kitchen fire last year, but FEAR NOT. The Village is back. They serve an amazing brunch; specifically, they are famous for their cinnamon swirl pancakes (likeOMG). Try to get there early on Sunday mornings, before all #cutecollegecouples and sorority gurlz make the wait too tremendous.


Four minute walk from Jordan Hall---pretty solid wings for when the craving hits. Deals every day of the week to take advantage of! The ranch dressing is on point.


Related somehow (does anyone know???) to Indy’s Yats. They serve heaping amounts of cajun/creole style food. It is AHmazing and you definitely get your money’s worth.

Taste of India

Best lunch buffet. I AM ADDICTED. Butter chicken, chicken curry, naan (especially garlic naan!), vegetable pakora….YUM. They will also give you a discount with your student ID, and if you pay with cash. ****There is a frequent diner card**** (10 buffets get one free) for all you Indian food lovers.

La Charreada

A fantastic mexican place out on the north west side of town. Cheap, tasty, and fast, with daily drink specials. Margaritas as big as a fish bowl anyone?

Shopping (groceries, clothes, books, etc.)



Locally known as Kro-ghetto, but it's actually very nice (remodeled two years ago).. Best option if you live near downtown or south of campus. Plus, it's on the way home from the hospital. 528 S College Ave Bloomington, IN

On the other side of town is another Kroger, nick-named Kro-gucci. It is larger than the west side location and offers a robust selection. 1175 S College Mall Rd Bloomington, IN 47401

Bloomingfoods (B-foods)

The local co-op that will be your best friend if you are trying to eat healthy/vegan/etc. With multiple locations, you are never far from some wholesome goodness. The food is a little more expensive, but you definitely get what you are paying for. The location on 2nd street (and possibly others) has a hot bar full of tasty and interesting creations, and their sunday morning brunch is the bee’s knees (try a sweet potato cinnamon roll if you can). In addition, the 2nd street location (again, possibly others) has an upstairs cafe that is a fantastic study/break spot, serving up all the hot drinks you could ask for. If you plan on shopping at B-foods regularly, opt to join the co-op. It is 90 dollars a year for a household and they will refund your money when you leave!

614 E 2nd St Bloomington, IN 47401

3220 E 3rd St Bloomington, IN 47401

316 W 6th St Bloomington, IN 47404

Sahara Mart

Similar to B-foods in offering gourmet grocery store stylings. The location on 2nd street has a huge selection of beer and wine from across the globe.

106 E 2nd St Bloomington, IN 47401

2611 E 3rd St Bloomington, IN 47401


College Mall

A quaint little mall with the stores you would expect in a small town mall. Full list of stores Here.

Kirkwood Ave.

Lots of little boutique-type stores and a few chain stores like Pitaya and Urban Outfitters. More options here for the ladies.

Edinburgh Premium Outlet Mall

An outlet mall with a vast selection about an hour away. 11622 NE Executive Dr, Edinburgh, IN 46124



A local bookstore that has all the books you need as well as office supplies and Hoosier gear! They print some of the course packs you might need for classes. Get there early because they only print a limited amount. 1302 E 3rd St Bloomington, IN 47401


Ordering textbooks online is always a good choice.

Exercise/ Recreation

B-Line Trail

B line (3.1 mi one way), rail trail (2 mi one way), and clear creek (2.4 mi one way) running/ biking trails. B line runs through downtown, ends at the rail trail trailhead, and then the rail trail runs into clear creek trail. The B line has multiple access points. https://bloomington.in.gov/media/media/application/pdf/12337.pdf Choose the rail trail for a nice 4 mi total run in the woods. Park at the country club drive parking lot/ trailhead.

Intramural/ Rec Sports

Dr. Watkins also pays for any Rec sports team you want to get together, so definitely take advantage of that. Last year, for example, we participated in Futsal, inter tube water polo, basketball, dodgeball, and outdoor soccer. Information about Intramural sport offerings http://www.iurecsports.org/intramural_sports

Bryan Park

Offers free tennis courts, basketball, and sand (“beach”) volleyball courts.

University Gym Facilities

You will be issued an Indiana University student ID when you arrive to Bloomington, which will give you access to all the work out facilities IU Bloomington has to offer. The two main locations are the SRSC and WIC (formerly known as HPER). Each offers a full range of weights, cardio, intramural courts and full pool, as well as classes and activities that you can pay for separately. More information about both can be found here: http://www.iurecsports.org/

Southside AM Run Club

Some of us that live on the southside of campus tried to get out and do some runs before class occasionally. Ambitious? Sure. Worth it? Of course. Details to follow in the fall. We are also considering doing at least one 5K and a mini marathon per semester to keep us motivated and training.

Road Biking

Bloomington is a world-famous biking town for reasons beyond Little 500. The biking in Southern Indiana consists of beautiful rolling hills and country roads. If you have a bike you should bring it! It’s a great study break. Bike shops in town can tell you where to ride or ask some of the 2nd years… rumor has it that one of them is a Little 500 champ.


There are 4 pools on campus, one of which is a gorgeous outdoor 50 meter pool. Bring your swim gear if you have it and we can try to get groups to go together to train because swimming alone can make you go crazy.

Lake Monroe

On the lake you can rent kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, etc., or just find a beach to hang out on. It’s just 20 minutes south of town.

IUSM Bloomington Wellness Committee Running Series

Races sponsored by IU funds and run by us! Details to follow!


Second years will sort of take care of this for you the first week or two, and you will learn quickly on your own. Highly encourage your class to try some places besides Nicks, Dunkirk, Kilroys on Kirkwood, Sports, etc. Places like the Root Cellar, Atlas, or the Vid can be a good mix up from going to the same places. Cheapest drinks you’ll ever see. Prepare yourselves.


Post Office/ UPS

Downtown Post Office - 520 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47401 East Side Post Office - 3210 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN UPS locations - There’s a location inside the Indiana Memorial Union on the first floor. Other locations are: (East side) 899 S. College Mall Road, (West side) 1700 Liberty Drive


Chase Bank: 100 South College Ave, Bloomington IN; (812)331-6229

Fifth Third Bank (Weirdest bank name ever): 200 South Washington St., Bloomington IN; (812)339-1131

Regions: 965 College Mall Road, Bloomington IN; (800) 734-4667

IU Credit Union: 510 East 17th Street, Bloomington IN; (812) 855-7823

Places to Study

Disclaimer - everyone seems to find their own study niche. Try out a bunch of the different places to see what works best for you, and change things up throughout the year to spice things up. The occasional Roy's patio study session may be necessary.

Wells Library

The main IU library. It’s recently redone and has HUGE beautiful windows on the 1st floor and lots of study rooms. If you get lucky you can find an empty conference room to study in with your friends, but note that they aren’t completely sound-proof. The 4th floor is also nice, quiet, and cold (bring a sweatshirt). There’s a cafeteria downstairs (including Starbucks), vending machines, and a “C-store” when you feel the need to snack. There are also lockers you can keep your things in temporarily if for some reason you need to leave and come back. The downside is that it’s quite a walk from Jordan Hall, and filled with undergrads who are occasionally a little less focused. Expect Wells to be very busy during midterms and finals, and plan accordingly.

Being in Bloomington gives you access to all 12 libraries that are a part of IU Bloomington. A complete list of libraries, hours, and locations are available below. Feel free to branch out and try a new place that works for you! http://libraries.iub.edu/

The Union (IMU)

The union is the center of IU’s campus and a great place to study. With plenty of comfy chairs plus a Starbucks and two full dining areas, the union has everything necessary for a marathon study session. The South Lounge by Starbucks is a great place to study with tons of comfy leather chairs, a fire place, tables, other people looking busy, proximity to the aforementioned Starbucks.

Campus Buildings

In addition to the libraries, there is a ton of classroom and building space available on campus. As long as a room isn’t occupied with a class you are more than welcome to study there. Buildings are typically unlocked from 6am-10pm, but if you are in the building after 10 they won’t kick you out.


A bloomington legend. Great coffee in a grungy, colorful place full of hipsters. Enjoy a ‘Swamp Thang’ or a coconut latte or a basic drip coffee (only $1.40).

The Pour House

Another great coffee shop located on Kirkwood ave. Great low-key atmosphere. Tables where you can spread out all your books and stuff. Amazing americanos, pesto chicken sandwiches, and smoothies. Also, they support a lot of humanitarian causes.

Parking and Transportation

Get used to walking. Or biking. Seriously. Biking is probably the best way to get around. Or take advantage of the IU buses and the Bloomington city buses, which are free for students if you show your ID (See Bloomington Transit bus routes and schedules here.) BUT if you live very far from campus or are running REALLY late and are going to miss a quiz, you can find:

Free parking at Bryan Park (12-15 minute walk to Jordan Hall) Atwater Parking Garage (but this is VERY expensive- only $3.00 for one hour but rates increase dramatically with each half hour. It is $28.00 for 3 ½ hours but that is also the daily limit). Metered parking all around the downtown area. It’s a dollar an hour 9am-9pm Mon-Sat, free on Sunday.

IUB offers a lot of parking, but almost all of it is paid. There are some specific times and places that are free to park, which you can look through Here. All campus garages are free from 5PM Friday to 7am Monday, so its a good option if you have friends/family coming into town for the weekend.

Parking late at night is also easier - the garages 'close' around 11, so if you know you are going to be studying past that time you can leave for free.

Class Specific Study Materials/ Habits

Dislclaimer: The following are the opinions/ preferences of a few students. Use this as a reference, but trust yourself to find a study niche that meets your personal needs.


  • The biggest mistake I made last year was trying to change up my study habits. It seemed to me the administration really pushed group studying so even though I hadn’t done it much in the past I used it almost exclusively in the first two blocks which didn’t work out so well. You have all been successful enough to get into medical school so continue to do what worked for you in undergrad. That being said, towards block week/during block week it is nice to do some light group studying to stay sane and solidify concepts. Bottom line, do what’s best for you and don’t feel the need to study any certain way.
  • Do I have to go to class? There are many different answers to this question. Do what works best for you, and stick with it if it is working. If you aren't going to go to class, then actually keep up with things and study in that off-time. There are certain classes that are basically mandatory/highly encouraged due to the daily quiz questions. These points are small, but they add up throughout the year. Physio, neuro, and anatomy are the classes with quizzes.
  • A good way to stress yourself out is to compare yourself or your study habits to others’. So, don’t!!!! Everyone will find his or her own way. It’s good to ask your peers to see what kinds of strategies work for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.
  • Get First Aid 2014 or 2015 immediately. Great acronyms, etc. that can really help you remember things you are studying in class. It’s pretty helpful for reviewing before block exams and NBME shelf exams (and Step 1, of course).


  • Val is amazing. In Val we trust.
  • If you watch Val’s lecture video from the previous year the night before the anatomy lecture, you will get the quiz points and have a clue what is going on. I could not recommend this to you more.
  • Draw things! Get some nice colored pencils and a sketch book. (Lani Beams has some really schmancy colored pencils….so jealous)
  • Only half way through the semester did I discover the book “Color Atlas of Anatomy” by Rohen. This book will really help you for anatomy lab. It has photographs of real bodies and codes each structure with a number so you can quiz yourself. Having this book really solidifies what you learn with the donors.


  • The BRS Physiology book is really helpful here as a supplementary resource. This is probably the best BRS book there is in terms of helping with block exams. Many of the diagrams in here are the same ones Dr. Martin has in his notes, with some good summaries. There is a copy in the class Drive, so no need to buy a hard copy if you are okay with digital books.
  • Get used to thinking fast - this class is probably the one that will cause you to run into a time crunch most frequently, for quizzes and exams.


  • Dr. Foley’s notes are almost copy-pasted straight from his lecture slides. Last year they were full of typos, so they can be confusing. It’s probably best to take your own notes in this class.
  • The Junquiera (aka “Junky”) textbook is pretty good. It is available through the Ruth Lilly Library. (Check under MS1 Textbooks)


  • Lots to memorize here, no getting around it. Luckily, Dr. Tom (Hrismalos) makes it pretty fun.
  • If you want to buy Micro Cards (or other pre-made flashcards), note that they work best for reference more than actual memorization. It’s hard to memorize things quickly and efficiently when the each card is full of lots of really tiny text.
  • I’ve heard the online study took Picmonic can be helpful, especially if you’re a visual learner. You have to pay for it, however. Check out www.picmonic.com .


  • Our class had several different opinions on this subject. Personally, I loved Dr. Ronan's quirkiness. Classes move at a pretty slow pace which can sometimes be frustrating, but you are learning more than you may think. The high-yield neuroanatomy review book was very helpful for the final. Dr. Ronan's class notes are all you will need for the class exams, but I would recommend supplementing a bit with a review book for the final.
  • First aid is a great reference here, too.


  • If you have a strong background in biochemistry, lucky you because this will really help you here. If not, get used to memorizing lots of little details and going back to review some things you may have (or have not) learned in undergrad.
  • If you want the best scores on block exams, memorize everything in the notes. Literally everything. If you’re ok with an average score, memorize most things. This is not to scare you, but sometimes the exams can get very specific. FOCUS ON ANY DISEASES THAT WERE SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED. These will be tested heavily.
  • The good news is that the biochem NBME shelf exam is relatively easier than other NBMEs.