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IUSM-Muncie is one of the nine campuses that constitute the Indiana University School of Medicine. The program began with the placement of four IUSM students on the Ball State University campus in 1970, and continued operations as part of the Ball State University and Ball Memorial Hospital facilities. The campus moved to the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center in 2000, where it remains today.


IUSM-Muncie is located in close proximity to the Ball State University campus and the Ball Memorial Hospital.

Students have access to:

  • Two medical libraries; one located within the Ball Memorial Hospital, and one located within the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center (both have 24/7 access).
  • Private study carrels within the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center (24/7 access).
  • Graduate student privileges at Ball State University (gym, pool, concerts, etc.)


IUSM-Muncie combines block and semester scheduling systems. In their MS1 year, students take only one class at a time for approximately 4–6 weeks, followed by a shelf exam (except for a year-long ICM course). In their MS2 year, students take classes according to a normal semester system (except for an ICM course and pharmacology). Class attendance is not mandatory, although most students do attend lectures. Lectures are not recorded.

Learning style

Mix of independent studying and study groups. Classes are mostly traditional lectures, with the exception of Gross Anatomy (which is entirely composed of labs). Professors are easily accessible, and most have offices down the hall from the classrooms.

Depending on the class, tests are generally weekly or every two weeks with an NBME shelf at the end of the block.

MS1 Classes

Year-long: Introduction to Clinical Medicine I.

In order of block scheduling:

  1. Histology
  2. Gross Anatomy
  3. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
  4. Neuroanatomy
  5. Physiology
  6. Microbiology/Immunology

MS2 Classes

Year-long: Introduction to Clinical Medicine II and Pharmacology.

Fall semester
  • General Pathology
  • Genetics
Spring semester
  • Systemic Pathology
  • Biostatistics

Clinical Rotations

Anesthesia -

Very laid back rotation. Excellent staff that is eager to teach. Very understanding and will send you home early most days. Just don't be on your phone in the OR and ask a few questions and you will do fine. Can be early depending on what day and what OR they put you in. Tuesday and Thursday procedures start at 7:00 am. The attachment below is very helpful for knowing what questions to ask for your Pre-op exam with the patient.

Family Medicine (AHN)

  • At AHN, most of the physicians work 4 days a week with some taking off Friday and others taking Thursday off. It is a very laid back rotation and the physicians enjoy teaching. A majority of your patients will have multiple chronic conditions and have a high degree of complexity to their care.
  • Patient ages range from newborns to elderly.
  • If you are interested in procedures, AHN has facilities for colonoscopies and you can request days with providers that do them. The physicians are willing to interact and all of the other providers will come and get you if they have an interesting or helpful finding/procedure.
  • Meals are often provided by drug reps. When they are not provided, many of the physicians order their lunch in and will add on your order as well.

Internal Medicine -

  • Outpatient (Meridian) - with Dr. Gonulalan
    • Works Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Some days end closer to 4:00 pm depending on the schedule for that day.
    • Attire is professional and with your white coat every day.
    • Typically sees about 14-17 patients per day. He is still establishing his patient population so he sees a fair number of transfer of care patients.
      • 40 minutes per new patient and 20 minutes per return visit. Often will have multiple no-shows per day. Few acute visits.
      • He will send you in after the nurse and before he goes into the room and will have you take the patient's history and then present the case to him.
    • He gives "homework" topics from the day before for you to review and present to him about the following day. Mostly it will be a medication list from a patient the day before or a condition that you had in clinic.
    • He sees this rotation as a good time to practice for the CS portion of Step 2 so use the time you have with him to practice your physical exam and differential diagnoses.

Neurology -

  • Monday-Tuesday - Neurosurgery with Dr. Phookan. Mondays arrive at 7:45 in the outpatient pavilion room 503. Typically longer days. Often 10-11 hour days. Call ahead before the day of to get a list of the procedures and read over the conditions before going in. He wants students to have read up on the conditions before the case. Also, he focuses heavily on having the symptoms match the radiology. If the patient is having C7-8 symptoms but shows stenosis at C5-6, it doesn't match and he typically won't operate.
  • Wednesdays - With Dr. Van Valer in outpatient setting. Some EMGs so review the classic findings of peripheral neuropathies on EMG. Very laid back and relaxed. Show up at 8:50 am to his office at American Health Network. He often is 10-15 minutes late. Done by 4:30 or 5:00. He is huge on sleep and will ask every patient about sleep.
  • Thursdays and Fridays - With Dr. Wulff for inpatient. He starts around 7:15 am in the physician resource center in the basement. Rounds with him typically entail seeing the stroke and MI patients from the week and assessing them for prognosis. Very cynical with his humor and acts like he doesn't enjoy what he does but he loves to teach when you ask him questions. He does not like students with him during his clinic so he sends you home around 10:00 am every day.

OB/GYN (Voss Center) -

  • Monday/Thursday - In the prenatal center with Dr. Landwehr the maternal fetal medicine specialist at Ball Hospital. He starts clinic typically around 8 with some patients coming in around 7:45. He also will have scheduled c sections some of the days so make sure you check his schedule and ask him beforehand. He is very laid back and will say whatever comes to his mind so be prepared for awkward encounters with patients. While in the center, you will be going in for ultrasounds mostly with the sonographers in his office and if he needs to see them as well. He also does deliveries during the day so be prepared in scrubs each day in case you need to run up to labor and delivery for a woman in labor.
  • Tuesday - With Dr. Lopiccolo from the Voss center. It is his call day so you round with him at 6:45 and you are in surgeries in the morning but on call for the Voss center so any deliveries for them will be calls for you. Again you will be in scrubs with him. Be prepared on your days with him because loves to teach and he will go through extensive patient cases with you. He is a great person to do your night of call with as he genuinely loves to teach.
  • Wednesday - With Dr. Faget and you have the same schedule as you do with Dr. Lopiccolo. Rounds in the morning, followed by surgeries, followed by time on Labor and delivery.
  • Friday - In clinic with Dr. Franky Voss starting at 8 am. Be there by 7:50. Dress in business clothes and white coat is up to you. You will see anything from teenagers there for contraception to post-menopausal women. She will have you with one patient per day do a full history and she will join for the physical. Afterwards, she will have you write up patient note and provide feedback on your work. She no longer sees obstetric patients since she does not do deliveries. She drefers nooes not appreciate gum or any use of phones during the clinic with patients.
  • Every other week on Thursday mornings there is an obstetrics meeting at 7 or 7:30 in the conference rooms in the basement of the Outpatient Medical Pavilion.

Pediatrics (outpatient) (Meridian)

  • Location: 205 N. Tillotson Ave. Muncie, IN
  • Most if not all students will be working with Dr. Syed and Dr. Maya. They love teaching and will go through articles with you daily over important topics in pediatrics. Have the articles read at least one day in advance and be prepared to answer questions about them.
  • Dr. Syed and Maya love to joke around and will most likely give you a hard time about things. Be prepared for them to joke around with you about your performance.
  • Hours are between 9 am and 5 pm most days but depending on the schedule for that day it is subject to change.
  • Most of the patient load comes from lower income families since they accept Medicaid patients.
  • Behavior and obesity concerns are very common and many of the children come from some sort of broken family.
  • Lunches are on you. Typically you have 1/2 hour for lunch from 12-12:30 so bringing your lunch is your best option.

Psychology -

Only a 5-day week rotation. Saturday and Sunday off. Monday afternoons are for lectures and all of the other time slots are spread throughout multiple sites and specialties. Dress is professional and Dr. Khan is emphatic on wearing your white coat for the entirety of the rotation.

You must attend an AA meeting and ECT at some point during the rotation.

  • Access Center-at 240 W Tillotson Ave. Muncie, IN. Mainly time with psychologists doing crisis intakes. Tons of spare time sitting around so bring plenty to work on/read for your time there.
  • Inpatient adult/geriatric are both with Dr. Cheng over at the hospital. He does not use a pager so you will have to contact him with his phone number. Getting to the psych floors is difficult so you may benefit from asking the front desk. Once on the elevator to the 3rd psych floor, you will need to use the phone in the small holding room to have a nurse come let you in. Dr. Cheng typically starts rounds around 8:30 am so you should show up anywhere between 8-8:15 am. His office is on the third floor of the psych wing. He does long interviews with his new patients and checks in on those with significant changes or when they are looking to be discharged. Enjoys teaching after you start to ask him questions.
  • Child psychiatry is at the Gresham Center at 3620 W White River Blvd. Muncie IN.
  • Adult/SCIT are at 130 N. Tillotson Ave. Muncie, IN. You are with Dr. Khan during these sessions. Be well groomed and dressed for your times with him. Thursdays with him are in Indy and are mostly for intellectually disabled patients.

Surgery (Ortho) -

  • The CIO clinic in Muncie does not have IUSM students so you will have to travel to Henry County Hospital and Hancock Regional Hospital.
  • There is a good deal of paperwork that must be done prior to this rotation since you are working at another hospital. Your first day is typically a meeting with HR to get all of your papers signed and they do not accept a history of vaccination so you must have titers done. They will do the bloodwork for free there as well as a urine drug screen.
  • Dr. Siewert does mostly total knee and total hip replacements during his days of surgery. He will do knee scopes from time to time as well on surgery days.
  • Henry County Hospital - 1000 N 16th Street, New Castle IN, 47362. New Castle Office - 401 Trojan Ln, New Castle IN, 47362. Hancock Regional Hospital - 801 N State St, Greenfield, IN 46140
  • Surgery days can start as early as 7 am. Rarely will you go later than 4 pm.

Surgery (general) -

  • Very hands on and involved. As far as day to day, it really depends on the surgeon.
  • Dr. Saleem - very intense. He takes things seriously and is very cautious (many would say slow). He mainly does abdominal surgeries and he is very involved in trauma surgery. Know lap chole and colectomy. He wants you to have 2 sets of gloves on for every procedure and he wears his white coat while on rounds and in his clinic on Wednesdays.
  • Dr. Cassell - knowledgeable and loves to teach. Not just about surgery. Very very fast during surgery and he wastes no time throughout the day.


Nearby housing is plentiful due to the proximity of BSU's campus. Students have previously stayed at the following complexes:

  • Autumn Breeze
  • Cardinal Pointe
  • Colonial Crest
  • Forest Oaks
  • McKinley Place
  • Silvertree
  • Sugarbush
  • White River Apartments
  • Windermere
  • Varsity House
  • Village Promenade (fully furnished)

For your third and fourth year clerkships, if you choose Muncie for an away rotation, you will be staying in one of the Ball mansions over at Minnetrista cultural center. Each of the rooms has its own bathroom as well as plenty of study space in the common areas.

Where to...

  • Buy groceries: Aldi, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Target, Payless
  • Go shopping: The Muncie Mall on McGalliard road has a few good stores and is usually not crowded. TJ Maxx, Target, and Kohl's are nearby the mall. Fishers and Indianapolis are also only a 45 minute drive away.
  • Get school supplies: Wal-Mart, Meijer, Target, Big Lots, Staples.
  • Get a haircut: There are two Great Clips and one Sports Clips in Muncie. The Ball State student center has a barber that gives great male haircuts. If you are looking for a trendier cut, color, or highlights, head to Modifi, Cortex or Redhead Salon.
  • Get your nails done: There are several places in Muncie that offer reasonably priced manicures and pedicures. One of the cleanest and most efficient locations is Best Nail located on McGalliard across from Starbucks next to T and H Sweeper.
  • Work out: Included in the cost of your tuition is access to the BSU recreational facilities, including their pool, track, weight room, and cardio room. You can park just outside the gym after 7pm on weekdays, or walk from the center (about a 20 minute walk). Also, the Ball Gym is located at Burris High School across from the center, and the hospital also has a workout facility. There are two YMCAs in Muncie; each has a membership fee of $30 per month, but they tend to be less crowded and they offer several great group exercise classes that are included with the membership fee.
  • Buy gas: There are many gas stations in Muncie; usually the ones right off of Exit 41 have the lowest prices.
  • Observe your religion: Muncie has a church for nearly every denomination. You might consider attending services at Oaks Church (meets at Minnetrista Cultural Center 10:30 am), Union Chapel (very contemporary), Muncie Alliance (contemporary, with free coffee), Christian Campus House, Westminster Presbyterian (very interesting college/career Sunday School class), Hazelwood Christian on University near campus, St. Francis (Catholic), St. Mary’s (Catholic-across from the center), First Presbyterian, and others. Dr. Morrical, a local physician at Ball State Hospital, invites students to his house Monday evenings to discuss faith and ethics from a Christian perspective over dinner.
  • Do your banking: Many of us belong to Chase, which has branches all over Muncie and Indy. Other convenient options include Old National Bank, Bank One, Star Financial, Mutual Federal, and First Merchants. If you belong to a credit union, it may be possible to access your account through "shared branching" via the Ball State Credit Union.
  • Send/receive mail or packages: There are three post offices in Muncie. The closest one is located on Kilgore Ave about 10 minutes from the center. There is also a FedEx Kinkos located on McGalliard and Staples has a UPS store. You are also more than welcome to have packages mailed to the center.
  • Renew your license: If you find yourself needing to visit the local license branch, it is located on East McGalliard road, past the Muncie Mall.


  • Lunch: Wendy's is located one block from the center and you will probably be tired of eating here by the end of the first few weeks! Other nearby fast food choices include McDonald's, Arby's, Burger King, and Taco Bell. You will typically have an hour to two hours for lunch so if you feel like heading over to campus check out Scotty's, Pita Pit, Jimmy Johns, China Express, and Subway. Other popular destinations include Mancino's, Panera, and Penn Station. There's also a Marsh down the street with pretty decent grocery story sushi. Cammack Station is a cute little diner located in a tiny town next to Muncie that is worth driving to.
  • Pastries and Candies: Concannons is the essential pastry shop in Muncie! They have amazing donuts, cakes, and other bakery delights. Concannons is located in downtown Muncie across from Muncie Central High School.
  • Asian Food: Great buffets include Bright Moon and Red Sun. Szechuan Garden is highly recommended along with Great Wall and our personal favorite, Thai Smile.
  • Casual Dining: Muncie has your typical array of chain restaurants including Applebees, Chili's, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Damon's, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, and Outback Steakhouse. Italian restaurants include Olive Garden and Johnny Carino's. Our favorite local (non-chain) is White River Landing downtown, as well as Cammack Station.
  • Mexican: Muncie's best is Puerta Vallarta on Tillotson or Wheeling! The food is cheap, tasty, the service is quick, and they have great Margaritas. La Bamba's is another good place to get quick Mexican. Other restaurants include Casa del Sol, Carlos O'Kelley's and La Hacienda (S. Madison).
  • Pizza: Greek's Pizzeria in the village is a Muncie favorite. There are also several Pizza Kings in Muncie, as well as Cousin Vinny's, Pizza Hut, Papa Murphey's, Mancino's, Papa John's, and Domino's.
  • Ice cream: Muncie has many great locations to go for ice cream including a new Ritter's Frozen Custard, Dairy Queen, Incredible Yogurt, Muncie Frozen Custard, and Steak n Shake. If you truly love ice cream you may consider taking a trip to Ivanhoe's about 30 minutes north of Muncie for some of the best (and unique) creations you have ever tasted.
  • Late-night eats: Greek's Pizzeria sells pizza by the slice in the village until after the bars close. There is also the world famous Hot Dog Man as well as a 24 hour McDonalds a few blocks from the center. IHOP and Steak n' Shake are classics as well.
  • Upscale dining: There is a limited selection of upscale dining, however Vera Mae's (downtown), 909 Grille (near the intersection of Wheeling and Riverside), and Vince's (by the airport) are all excellent choices if you want a more formal atmosphere.


  • Theaters: There are 2 movie theaters in Muncie. A brand new movie theater is located near the Muncie Mall and most of the new releases play here. Another theater is located off of Bethel Ave near Wal-Mart. Emens Auditorium on the Ball State campus gives discount and free tickets to various events! Read the BSU Daily News (provided at the center) for upcoming guest speakers, musicals, and concerts.
  • Clubs/Bars: Scotty's in the village is a great place to drink a variety of beers while you are watching sports or just hanging out. Other sports bars include Buffalo Wild Wings located out by the Muncie Mall as well as Beef O' Bradys on Oakwood that has many plasma screens and cheap, cheap drink specials. If you want to shake it at a college bar, we recommends Dill Street. They have drink specials throughout the week including $1.25 u-call-its on Wednesday nights which some of us have been known to attend. Our favorite local bar is the The Heorot (downtown). They have a huge selection of snobby beer and cheap pizza on Friday afternoons (great for after micro tests). Other destinations include the Fickle Peach, the Locker Room, The Chug, Motini's (martini bar in the village), North Side Lounge, and Doc's.
  • Outdoors: If you like to run or cycle you have a couple of excellent choices for outdoor exercise. The Cardinal Greenway runs for many miles from the northwest corner of Muncie to Richmond, Indiana. In addition, the White River path runs adjacent to the White River. This path is only about a half mile from campus. The paved road is marked off at every quarter mile so you know exactly how far you have traveled. Muncie also has several outdoor parks including West Side Park where you can play basketball or grill out.
  • Sports/Intramurals: Ball State offers various intramural sports throughout the year; generally, the first and second year classes register as one team and compete together against the other BSU teams.
  • Museums, etc: If you find that you simply have too much free time on your hands and are looking for a bit of history or culture, you might find what you are looking for at the following locations: Minnetrista Cultural Center, Children's Museum of Muncie, Paws (Jim Davis' Garfield studio), Old Washington Street Festival, Ball Mansions, Farmer's Market at the Minnetrista Center (seasonal), the BSU Alumni Center, and the Ball Jar Museum.
  • Other Activities: Bowling at Liberty Bowl costs $1.50 per game and has cheap drinks while Clancy's Village Bowl is a bit nicer but more expensive. There are also a couple of places to play putt putt as well as several golf courses.