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The Indiana University School of Medicine is divided into nine campuses spread throughout the state of Indiana. Each campus has a unique culture and caters to a different learning style. Campus placement occurs in a combination lottery/preference system; incoming students submit a ranked list of their campus preferences to the IUSM administration, who then use a computerized lottery system to place each student at a campus. A secondary lottery then takes place for students who are unhappy with their campus placement, although it is impossible to guarantee placement at a specific campus.

The largest campus is IUSM-Indianapolis, with approximately 140 students per class. The remaining eight campuses generally host 20-30 students per class, and are referred to as "regional campuses." Students placed at a regional campus generally stay there for their first two years (the MS1 and MS2 years), then switch to IUSM-Indianapolis for their final two years (the MS3 and MS4 years). Students may also elect to remain at a regional campus during their MS3 and MS4 years.

To foster a sense of community among the separate campuses, IUSM has implemented a College and House System that pairs up regional campuses and sections of the IUSM-Indianapolis student body based on their locations.

IUSM Campus Listing
Campus Location Host Campus Class Size Curriculum
IUSM-Bloomington Bloomington Indiana University ~36 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Evansville Evansville University of Southern Indiana ~20 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Fort Wayne Fort Wayne Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne ~30 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Indianapolis Indianapolis IUPUI ~140 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Lafayette Lafayette Purdue University ~23 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Muncie Muncie Ball State University ~24 students Traditional lectures
IUSM-Northwest Gary Indiana University Northwest ~27 students Problem-based and team-based learning
IUSM-South Bend South Bend Notre Dame University ~23 students Team-based learning
IUSM-Terre Haute Terre Haute Indiana State University ~24 students Traditional lectures

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