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What is the grading system used at IUSM? Pass/fail? Or a modified grading scale?

IUSM uses two grading scales; one for the first two years (Phase 1, foundational sciences courses), and one for the second two years (Phases 2 & 3, clinical clerkships). In the first two years, Pass/Fail grading is used. In the second two years, most clerkships are graded on a scale of Honors, High Pass, Pass, and Fail; grades are determined based on evaluations from clerkship preceptors and performance on a shelf exam. Some elective clerkships are graded on a Pass/Fail scale.

For years one and two, about how many hours are spent in the classroom? What is a typical day like, i.e. 8AM-3PM or 8AM-5PM?

A typical day is pretty variable. Lab days will probably be 8/9-5, non lab days will be 8/9-3.

Does IUSM give students time off at the end of second year to study for USMLE step 1? I know some schools dedicate a couple of weeks at the end of year two for this exam

Students receive about 6 weeks at the end of the second year to prepare for Step 1.


Are there opportunities to do summer research between years one and two?

Yes, there are many opportunities including research, shadowing, master certificates, clinic work, domestic and abroad, to name a few, that the financial aid office makes known to students throughout the fall and winter. IUSM provides a program called the Summer Research Program in Academic Medicine where you can be partnered with a mentor in a research field that you are interested. It is a 10 week program and culminates with an oral and poster presentation.

How can I get the 2016 Match list?

A interactive map of the Class of 2016 Match results is located at the Class of 2016 website

What are the pros/cons of using an iPad or iPad mini

Pros: Super easy to annotate (highlighting, writing with different colors) slides, syncing to cloud/google drive means no more paper/clutter and being able to access the files on any computer with internet, fast search functions, which is extremely helpful when you're not sure about a certain topic.

Cons: iPad games=game over.

Accepted Students

Where can I find the health/immunization form?

The form is on the IUPUI Division of Student Health website located at IUPUI Student Health