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The Wiki Council administers the wikipedia page. For URGENT issues email the administrator of the wikipedia -


Board members are responsible for the overall content of the wiki. One board member/year is designated an account executive responsible for approving/vetting accounts. Board members set the rules and editing guidelines. Board members are responsible for editing drives and advertising to the classes of the medical school. Exec members vote on major changes, resolve any dispute, and can remove or change editors.

Proposed addition to bylaws for 6/10

Third Year Class Officers
Replace point iv with point 1 and add point 2 to Presidents responsibilities as point viii with the following:

  1. Coordinate content editing and passing of clinical rotation advice on the unofficial wiki. Ensure that the Wiki contains the most recent information as reasonably possible.
  2. Identify 3rd year students who are interested in contributing to Clinical Pearls sections.

MSC Secretary
Verify that IN Med Wiki users are affiliated with IUSM.

Board Members of 2015

  • IUSM MSC Class officers of 2015


Editors edit content. Multiple editors per section allowed, and may announce themselves as editors here. If an article or section has multiple editors, disputes amongst the editors are resolved by board members. If you consider yourself an active editor of a section, add yourself below.

Technical Advisers

Technical advisers are those at IUSM with technical interest and are appointed by the current technical advisers. Advisorship is passed down directly, advisors have access to the webserver, and are responsible for technical issues. Advisers can be added by the board. Advosirs are responsible for receiving urgent emails, and emails from will be forwarded to the advisers.